Chronica Ebrius

Tabs Unpaid

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Our heroes began by wandering through the streets of a small village, Grand Marchessies. They took a brief rest at the Blue Mug. The bartender, Murk, took quick notice, and waved them over. Recognizing the group as adventures he exchanged a free meal for willing ears.

Murk explained that one of his regulars has begun to fall far behind on his tab, and that he wanted them to track down the character and collect the tab. He paid the adventures as fair sum, and reminded them not to hurt patron if at all possible, since he was normally a good customer.

Finding Ebrius

After venturing out into the forest for a short while the adventures happened upon an Orc, Webg, that was caught in a trap of sorts. They freed him, cleaned him up, extracted the location of Ebrius, and then freed him. Acting on their new information that approached the ruined building Ebrius was held up in.

The adventures began a two pronged assault on the building. Roland and Rashyra performed a frontal assault, while Relic and Ubashu attacked from the rear. Everything was going smoothly until Rashyra quickly became overrun, so Ubashu teleported into the building in and attempt to save her, however he found himself quickly overrun as well.

After due consideration, Relic determined that busting through the rear wall was the best entry path, so he did so, distracting the orcs set upon Ubashu allowing him to quickly escape and assist Rashyra. Facing a sizable contingent of orcs, Relic did what he does best: perform. Noting their inebriated state, he quickly began a flawless recitation of the Ballad of Ugullava. Before long he had them clapping and singing along, completely ignoring the battle happening in the next room.

Once in the other room Ubashu immediately executed Dorg, Ebrius’ best friend and drinking buddy. This enraged Ebrius, but his fury was found wanting, as before long his friends were all but completely slaughtered, and his life hung by a thread that is when the torture began.


The lone orc to survive the massacre was interrogated by the PC’s. Ubashu asked the orc what he would do if they let him free. He responded that he would continue to do as he always had: survive. Next, Ubashu asked what he would do to survive, and the orc responded that he would take odd jobs, forage, and what not. Finally, Ubashu asked the orc if he would kill anyone, and the orc answered, yes, if he needed to. Unsatisfied by this answer, Ubashu summarily executed the bound orc.

While Relic continued to entertain his room of orcs, the rest of group pressed Ebrius. After determining in short order that he did not possess the money to pay up, they stripped him, bound him, and proceeded to drag his broken body back to the city, literally.

Relic’s orcs, decided that their old lives were lost in this encounter after seeing the aftermath in the next room. So they decided to cut their loses and create a new clan lead by Relic, which would later become the infamous Kodul clan whom cast away their evil ways for a life of battle, justice, and honor.


Upon reaching the Blue Mug, Murk was somewhat put off by the state of Ebrius, and he did agree that it may be necessary to sell some of Ebrius’ possesses to help pay the tab the treatment he received was undesired. He explained that Ebrius was once a noble paladin whom had fallen on hard times and lost faith in his deity. Ubashu had a strong reaction to this news.

After pressing Ebrius hard Ubashu decided to brand Ebrius with the emblem of Bahamut as a constant reminder of his failure as a man. Before anyone had a chance to react to this, someone shouted, “FIRE!” as the Blue Bug was engulfed in flames.

After leaving the building, instead of trying to put out the fire, they noticed a lone orc in the distance hobbling away as fast as possible. Roland took aim and dropped the wretched creature, ruining its good leg. It did not take very long to catch up with him.

While the Blue Mug burned to the ground, the group quested the orc whom they discovered was the orc, Webg, they saved earlier in the adventure. He explained that he attacked the Blue Mug in an attempt to regain the favor of Ebrius, and his clan. The group explained his clan was dead, and that Webg was a fool for acting as he had. But, instead of executing him as they had before they merely brutalized him and allowed him to crawl alway slowly bleeding to death.

Returning to the Blue Mug, or rather its scorched ruins the adventures encountered a spiritually crushed Murk kneeling down holding what was left of the sign. He told the group they could take whatever they could scavenge from the ruin, totally abandoning the inn. He explained he was done with this place and hoped to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Much to everyone’s dismay, Ebrius was gone. No one had seen how he escaped.

The Compromise

DISCLAIMER: Not yet proof read

While taking a brief hiatus from adventuring deep within the heart of Baulder’s Gate, the group of adventures found themselves relaxing in the central headquarters of the Solid Bronze Stones, their adventuring guild.

The building shook briefly as a run away carriage slammed into it. Upon inspection they found a large box had spilled out of the overturned carriage. It was addressed to the Solid Bronze stones.

Opening the box allowed a tide of blood, gore, and maggots to pour out on the ground. Humanoid remains resided within a bag of gold coins had been staked into the skull. Ubashu recognized the head as belonging to Murk, the former bartender of the Blue Mug. A map case had been jammed harshly into the rib cage, appearing to the the lethal blow that finally killed the man.

The map case contained a single blood stained note:

To Whom It May Concern-

It has come to my attention that objects of my fury are members of your little play group. However, I harbor no ill will towards your organization at this time. I ask a small favor. Execute these four criminals: Ubashu, Rashyra, Roland, and Relic. Display their heads prominently upon your building, and all will be forgiven.

You have one fort night to comply.


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