Chronica Ebrius

The Compromise

DISCLAIMER: Not yet proof read

While taking a brief hiatus from adventuring deep within the heart of Baulder’s Gate, the group of adventures found themselves relaxing in the central headquarters of the Solid Bronze Stones, their adventuring guild.

The building shook briefly as a run away carriage slammed into it. Upon inspection they found a large box had spilled out of the overturned carriage. It was addressed to the Solid Bronze stones.

Opening the box allowed a tide of blood, gore, and maggots to pour out on the ground. Humanoid remains resided within a bag of gold coins had been staked into the skull. Ubashu recognized the head as belonging to Murk, the former bartender of the Blue Mug. A map case had been jammed harshly into the rib cage, appearing to the the lethal blow that finally killed the man.

The map case contained a single blood stained note:

To Whom It May Concern-

It has come to my attention that objects of my fury are members of your little play group. However, I harbor no ill will towards your organization at this time. I ask a small favor. Execute these four criminals: Ubashu, Rashyra, Roland, and Relic. Display their heads prominently upon your building, and all will be forgiven.

You have one fort night to comply.



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